The Floor Sanding Diaries

Step 6: Make use of the edger (utilizing the similar grit you just utilised over the drum) to sand each of the areas that the drum couldn’t attain.

Even below your wonderful paper, they carry on to grind their sixteen grit cat-scratch in the floor, and you will marvel exactly where all All those large, deep gouges are coming from.

Fantastic luck with the floor and don’t neglect to take some right before images – you’ll immediately forget what it used to seem like!

I discovered that While using the hefty sander even a great grit sheet when new is extremely agressive at the sides.Probably the designers can slender down the sheet edges somewhat .

We’re heading for an oil complete this time. I cherished the varnish we used and would nevertheless happily advocate it but there are a lot of reasons that oil is often a practical option, as well.

As your floor will get progressively cleaner, it gets harder and more difficult to tell wherever the sanders have already been. Bear in mind, you’ll have no less than TWO sanding passes (60grit and 80grit) where you will just be sprucing out scratches – there'll be no finish to serve as a tracer.

In any case listed here goes. The feathered edge of a floor sanding machines drum is the higher facet as it sands the floor. In the event you go to the trouble to tune up even a rental floor sander, you will note that if you click for more reduced the spinning drum on the flat sandpaper held to your floor (as I advise from the report), the drum both sands flawlessly flat or very quite slightly to one facet.

But all over again Alex, This is often less significant with parquet, besides on the final two sandpaper passes. Since (as I wrote in the short article) the 2nd sanding is finished with in the opposite direction in the case of parquet. And after that the ultimate two sandpaper grits are done in the first starting up direction.

When you have the luxurious of having two folks about the project, a person on the drum and a person over the edger usually do not use read both equally devices in precisely the same area simultaneously!

100grit: Can take out 60 or 80grit scratch. Last grit for birch and maple floors and any floor that may be stained

Utilize the edger (utilizing the same grit you simply made use of to the drum) to sand every one of the parts the drum couldn’t reach

You'll generally want to either modify the equipment to sand perfectly flat, or I choose to have it marginally tilted. But a rather tilted drum has to journey (when you sand row following row on the parquet) so which the feathered (high side) with the drum sands the floor past. So this dictates the way of vacation whenever you sand the room. You start on the appropriate side of your place, and do the job row by row to your still left it the drum is sanding substantial on the appropriate aspect. Whew !

Water stains typically vanish following two or three passes from the sander. But stains because of pet urine frequently penetrate so deep to the wood that you simply can’t sand them out. Bleach formulated for Wooden floors may very well be really worth a test, but the results are often mediocre at ideal, and at worst, click here to read the wood is remaining pitted and blotched.

Tom and his crew ended up practically nothing wanting wonderful.  We had a little bit of an strange task.  We pulled up carpet expecting hardwood, and instead found sixty year aged parquet which was in awful condition and couldn't be saved.

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